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Raleigh firm protects the rights of subcontractors and suppliers
At the Sprouse Law Firm, we primarily represent suppliers and subcontractors who deserve to be paid for their labor and materials. We understand the construction business and who liens and payment bond claims can be the most effective ways of getting paid. We can help our clients before there is a problem, explaining the process of notices and procedures that must be followed to preserve lien rights and bond claims. Even if you have missed the time for filing a lien or making a bond claim, we may still be able to help through standard collection procedures.

Collections and payment disputes
Our firm handles all situations involving payment disputes, including collections, payment bond claims, liens on funds and claims of lien on real property.

Mechanic’s liens
We help subcontractors and material suppliers draft, serve, file and enforce mechanic’s liens against property developers and owners to ensure payment for materials and services rendered.

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